Creative Director


Patricia Anyasodor is the face behind the brand. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she always knew she would become a fashion designer. SODOR was born during COVID, a year of so much uncertainty. A year of so much loss and confusion. That year she questioned so much about what her true goals and where she was going? The feeling of when and how to accomplish that thing that made her feel great. A friend of hers kept insisting for her to make some masks during its peak and she finally went for it. What started as masks became bonnets and now head wraps. Patricia is now filled with joy. The feeling she gets at home when creating a piece for people who truly appreciate her gift is priceless. SODOR products are all handmade by her currently and truly express her West African heritage, Nigeria. SODOR is a place you can find great pieces. She is a woman who exudes class and sass.Unapologetically smart and fearless. An independent woman who she calls a superwoman. SODOR is I and We are them.