The Head Wrap Series

The Head Wrap Series

March 29

Touch of Spring 🌸

Hey Queens, I finally created my 1st BLOG!!!! AYE!!! Writing has been one of my favorite things to do, so I figured it would pair well with fashion or I should say the love I have for colors. Now lets get into these pictures hunny. So, with spring's early arrival even with todays 36° weather, I decided to let this green palette speak for itself. Believe me when I tell you this head wrap was put together in the ladies room at a mall. You know what they say "Get In Where You Fit In". I figured let me try something new since I specialize in African Inspired Pieces. This head wrap is styled for the outdoors in this pic but, I am pairing it with pajamas. You can style this for both day and night. This cute red and green floral print reminds me of the opening of a new season. It made me feel vibrant and comfortable. Just imagine yourself floating above water in a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Such beautiful colors shining through the canvas. If I wore this at night, I would have paired it with some 3/4" heels, a red clutch, and some thick gold hoops. How would you have styled it? Let me hear your comments down below.

All pictures have a story but, all stories are not created equal. My head wrap is what defines me and embodies who I am. It represents a woman who is powerful. A woman who can conquer anything she sets her mind to.

Who is she?

She is SODOR.








Until next time ladies, 





















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This was beautiful!!!! Great job!! So proud of you!

Courtney Washington

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